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Bluetooth API

BTControl needs to interface with the Bluetooth hardware on your computer. For this purpose, it uses the JSR-82 API standard, which was defined for the J2ME profile (mobile platforms) and is not included in the J2SE run-time libraries.

There are several implementations available that provide that API for the normal J2SE profile. This project has successfully used the BlueCove implementation and we recommend you install it on your computer, as well. The latest version this project has used is 2.1.0, and the JAR file containing this API is part of the SVN source tree (libs) and is packaged into the ZIP file, for your convenience.

Joystick API

BTControl must also read data from the joystick device hardware connected to your computer. This project has successfully used the sister project Joystick Driver for Java. It comes with a Java API and a platform dependent library.

BTControl has tested and is using version 0.7 on the Windows XP platform. Other platforms are supported (like Linux) but this project has not tested them. Your mileage may vary... Again, this API and library are included in the source tree and the ZIP distribution file.

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